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In the 10KSB program, you identified a growth opportunity. Now you have to market it to a brand new audience… But where do you start? Who do you hire? How do you find new customers online?

That’s where “The Lead Building System™” e-book comes in. It’s a simple guide to a proven process for digital marketing guaranteed to establish long-term, sustainable leads and profit for your business.

The Lead Building System™ makes what seems impossible doable in a matter of weeks. Don’t waste time committing “random acts of marketing.” Dozens of 10KSB businesses just like yours have used the Lead Building System™ to achieve amazing results.

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What's Inside the E-book

The Lead Building System™ e-book is a proven methodology for small business digital marketing. In this 17-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • How the System helps David beat Goliath in business

  • The 6 Pillars of every successful digital marketing campaign

  • A 9-Step Playbook for putting the System into action

Here’s how two 10KSB alumni used the Lead Building System™:

  • B2B: Michelle Rupp, owner of an insurance agency, ran $190 in online ads that netted her a client worth $6,500, a 39-to-1 return on ad spend. 

  • B2C: Yoel Gutierrez, owner of a pest control franchise, grew his leads by 10 times while cutting his ad spend per customer from $300 to $75.


"BizHack Academy broke it down, not just embracing these tools, but how to use them and why you’re using them. I never knew my origin story for the past ten years. Your program was the first program to embrace that. It was life-changing"

Kim Miller

CEO of Ink Link Marketing

“Attending and mastering the BizHack system will unlock the door to your potential customers and revenue. Following the BizHack program has already driven leads – and revenue – to my  business!”

Amy Arellano Williams

CEO AB Unlimited

A Message from Dan Grech

My company, BizHack Academy, is dedicated to giving small businesses like yours a simpler way to grow. I’m a Pulitzer-prize winning former journalist with NPR and PBS, and I’ve been presenting on digital marketing to 10KSB scholars since 2015. I always asked to be introduced as “a future 10KSB alumni.” In December 2019, my dream became a reality: I graduated from Miami Cohort 18.

In six years working with hundreds of 10KSB scholars, I’ve heard a common refrain: I don’t know how to market my growth opportunity online. The Lead Building System™ picks up where Babson’s 10KSB curriculum leaves off. It gives you actionable guidance on how to find your ideal customer online and compel them to become a customer. 

Digital marketing can be intimidating. It’s easy to hire the wrong team, pursue the wrong goal, waste a ton of time and money. Your best bet is to invest in yourself! 

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By providing your email, you are consenting to receive information from BizHack Academy. For more information, see our privacy policy.